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Thesis Binding

We offer a standard 5 day thesis binding service. A pre-booked 3 day service may be available on request.

For a guide to the cost of binding your thesis, please go to the prices section.

In order to bind the thesis into a hardcase bound book:Bound Theses

  • The loose sheets are glued together and when dry overcast on the left-hand margin.
  • The sections are then hand-sewn on a frame with  re-inforced endpapers.
  • The sewn volume is then glued and trimmed to size.
  • In order to give the finished volume a “book” shape it is rounded and backed by hand and then the spine is glued once more and strengthened with linings.
  • The outside case is then made in the colour of your choice and the gold tooling is applied.
  • The final stage of the process is the "casing in" where the outside case and the book are assembled and then put in the press overnight.

Please bear in mind the following and check your work carefully:

  • Pages will be bound in the order they are handed in.
  • Please mention any folds, maps or diagrams.
  • The lettering for the front cover will be taken from your title page, unless instructions are given to the contrary. Please check all spelling.

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